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Aug, 2016

How to setup email accounts in Gmail

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August 01, 2016
How to setup email accounts in Gmail

This Article will help you setup your domain email account to be able to send and recieved mail using gmail.

  1. Login to your gmail Account
  2. Go to the gear at the top right and click Settings
  3. Next click the Accounts and import tab
  4. Now on the Check mail from other accounts(using POP3) click Add a pop3 mail account you own.
  5. Enter your domain's email address and click Next Step
  6. Enter your pop3 information for your domain email address and click add account or save
  7. Now the account is added you can also set the account to send as well
  8. To send mail through gmail , select Yes and click Next Step.
  9. In the field enter your Name, and click Next Step
  10. On the Send mail through your SMTP server page, fill in your SMTP Server( port is 587, Username (full
    email address), and Email Password. Then, click Add Account
  11. A verification code window will pop up asking for the code it automatically send a code inyour email account.
  12. Next Open your copy the code and paste it to verification window field and click verify.
  13. Now to be able to send as set it as default in send mail as
  14. Now test if you were able to send email using your domain email address.